Xavier Sandoval
California State University - Los Angeles

Art statement:

Our eyes absorb images and the world around us in a mechanical way that is very similar to how a camera lens works. Light is reflected from the object or scenery as it enters our vision and our brain processes the objects through our individual perspective. For my portfolio, I wanted to focus on my perspective and how my eyes see the world completely different as a person with Autism. I wanted the images to reflect how my perspective of the world is sometimes overwhelming and can be a sensory overload of data that eyes scramble to process. To accomplish this, I shot my photos in black and white and used Photoshop to collage, overlay, and transform the images. Every image in my portfolio uses heavy contrast and depth; but as they progress, the overlaying and collaging becomes more distorted to symbolize my anxiety in a very stressful environment. At the end of my portfolio, I hope to let others see and process the world the way my eyes do.