Tristan Hirsch
“Gap Year”

Art statement:

utterly obliterated by pure beef

If it is a human thing to have encounters—may they be with objects, or moments, or what have you—and to place meaning and significance on them and to hold them as truths, no matter how frail, hesitating, or fleeting the present feeling may be, and then to have the urge to collect and gather them in some way or another, whether that means taking them with you, purely watching and noticing, or documenting them (on a piece of paper or in this case through images) and then, later on, move these captured connections to something functioning as a container—a thing used to hold other things (in this case, pages bound in book form)—in the attempt that another individual may be able to look at them and think or feel something similar to what you did, but long after the arrangement of molecules you saw have shifted and dispersed—if this process of encountering, collecting, and sharing is a human thing to do, I suppose I’m human after all.

Inspired by Ursula K. Le Guin’s 1986 essay The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction

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