Quentin Silver

Art statement:

When I was little, during the pre-iPhone years, I spent all day and as far as I could into the night looking for little worlds. Whether it was just a rollie-pollie family or what could be (in my mind) a fairy house; I loved it. I remember looking at books I had found lying around my Grandma's house or at the library with fantasy drawings and curling letters and I told myself, when I'm older I better be good at drawing because this is exactly what I want to do. 12 years later, I might not have the discipline yet to create a whole story world, but here I am, in AP drawing doing what I've always loved. My overarching theme is an ode to my younger self, a nostalgic look into my pre-pubescent, overly creative mind. I wanted to show the world by its nooks and crannies and all the little life. I keep the miniature people or animals, or things that would be dwelling in these worlds out of the drawings to still give it a sense of secrecy, a hidden world. My main goal with my art is to grab the audience’s attention for as long as possible, as they search for every little detail in the pieces.