Kevin Gonzalez
California State University - Los Angeles

Art statement:

Los Angeles, California, has a plethora of cultures, traditions, and styles. One of the city’s distinctive styles comes from the heart of East LA: lowriders.

As I grew older, I’ve always had issues connecting myself with my cultural identity; growing up in a Hispanic household that’s in a gentrified community. I was called “whitewashed” for living in Highland Park, despite living here throughout my entire life. But lately, I’ve seen new waves of Chicano culture bleed into the neighborhoods they originated from; grabbing my camera is a way to connect with my community and present it as I experience events. This collection creates a way to celebrate lowrider culture through film varying 35mm and medium format images, making a fantastic color pallet and multiple composition techniques, giving these beautiful cars character. This is the beginning of my ongoing journey photographing LA through the eyes behind the steering wheel of a hot rod.