Ramon C. Cortines School for the Visual and Performing Arts

Promo Art by Aidan Bae (Grade 11)

The Visual Art Academy is excited to announce our third art show of the 2020/21 school year: “Illustrations”. An illustrator is an artist who uses their creative skills and talents to produce effective and engaging original images or “illustrations” often utilized for a variety of commercial purposes. Illustrations are created for books, magazines, digital media, cartoon strips, consumable products and many other intentions.

Our students were given the opportunity, as budding artists, to bring captivating visual life to an idea or concept of their choice. Some created album covers for a favorite singer or rock group – some painted a narrative illustration representing a scene from a book or movie; others designed their own comic strip and characters. Still others, addressed important current events or political causes. A wonderful variety of topics were explored.

We are extremely proud of our students for their dedication and perseverance during these difficult times. Their honesty, vulnerability and wisdom are hopeful and inspiring. Please enjoy the show!  

Your Visual Arts Teachers: 

Julie McManus, Jennifer Lemvo, Oliver Shipley, Mark Schwartz, Jorge Caridad and LaMoin Garrard

A special “thank you” to ALL students in our Art Production class for assisting with the curration of this show.