Grace Jones
Parsons School of Design – New York

Art statement:

A primary theme in my work is adolescence. I wanted to create pieces that explore a teen psyche through a unique, abstract lens.

In my self-portraiture, I went out of my comfort zone to explore gender, identity, and adolescence. That body of work was the first time I ever put my blood, sweat and tears into art. In many ways it’s an homage to the great Cindy Sherman, I wanted the message to be understated so the viewer can interpret it however they like, through their unique, individual lens. That’s something I love about art - the ability to tell different stories with the same piece.

I love to bridge the gap between digital and analog by creating unique collages that incorporate different techniques. There’s something about using physical materials - tape, scissors, glue that turns a photo into something more, something transcendent, beyond the digital realm. And appearance-wise, it gives work a great, authentic look.

I’m very grateful for my time spent at VAPA, I don’t think I would have a better high school experience anywhere else. Thank you to all of my teachers for your continued support, namely Mr. Shipley, Mr. Garrard, and Mx. Mui. These past 4 years at VAPA have shaped my future, enabled me to push the boundaries, introduced me to great people, and have just provided me with amazing, memorable experiences.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy my work!