Esther Chaidez
Pasadena City College

Art statement:

“Let’s Go On A Journey”

“This is My Song Pt 1-3” is close to my heart. It is the first time I share with others my beliefs and some of the hardships me and my family have gone through. My point isn’t to force anybody to believe in what I do, but I wanted to share a piece of me. If there is a chance that I can reach someone or make them feel like they’re not alone,then I did my job as an artist.

“AP 0.1-0.4” were drawings from my AP. Bringing attention to little things is what guided me. I wanted to see if I could take macro pictures from objects that had many unnoticed details and create and respond to them on a larger scale with interpretive qualities – rather than simply reproducing what I was looking at. I have found that there is so much in life that is missed if we don’t take time to look more deeply.

“OG Story Pt_1-2” are original characters that I created. I was inspired by an animated show and decided to create my own story, what bloomed from the story were new characters. The story is that in this fantasy world there are Wielders and Weapons, each person has a partner and only one can turn into a weapon and only the other can be a Wielder. However, the two characters I drew are an exception, they are special, both can be a Wielder and a Weapon. So they both enter a school to help learn how to do both and work together to fight the uprising evil. Also in this drawing, the girl is holding a weapon and that’s the boy but he’s transformed and vice versa for the other drawing.