Ramon C. Cortines School for the Visual and Performing Arts

Artwork by Genesis Ramos - 12th Grade

More than anything, this year’s Senior Showcase is an exhibition of perseverance. Our Seniors have been through substantial separation, solitude and loss. Who could ever have seen this difficult pandemic year coming? To be robbed of one’s senior year in high school is deeply heart breaking!

The famed psychologist, philosopher and survivor of the Jewish Holocaust, Viktor Frankl penned these profound words: “Everything can be taken from us but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” Somehow, after surviving near death and daily torment in a Nazi concentration camp and the loss of myriad friends and relatives - Frankl went on to build an acclaimed career and inspirational optimistic philosophy toward approaching life.  He chose to not let the hellish circumstances of his life define him - to spiral him into anger, despair and cynicism. He chose to build - to construct - to overcome! 

We believe you can see this constructive optimistic spirit emerging and on full artistic display in our exceptional class of 2021! Take time and read their thoughtful nuanced statements - experience and enjoy their vulnerable and varied artistic visual expressions - understanding that much of it was born out of this intrusive overwhelming pandemic. The class of 2021 should always occupy a special place in our hearts! We are immensely proud of them! There is no challenge they cannot overcome!

Continue choosing to persevere! Continue searching for and finding positive meaning in your valuable lives!

Sincerely - your Visual Arts Teachers:

Julie McManus, Jennifer Lemvo, Oliver Shipley, Mark Schwartz, Jorge Caridad and LaMoin Garrard

A special “thank you” to ALL students in our Art Production class for assisting with the curration of our art shows.